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The air filters in our heating and cooling systems are responsible for not only keeping our HVAC systems running well, but also for eliminating airborne pollutants from the air circulating in our homes. Because of this, clean and effective air filters serve a vital function in improving our air quality in our homes. Effective air filters can increase the life expectancy of an HVAC system and, when changed frequently, they can reduce the necessity for repairs by reducing the strain on an HVAC system caused by poor airflow.

Additionally, upgrading your air filter is another great way to improve indoor air quality. However, homeowners looking to improve indoor air quality need to realize that the inexpensive washable fiberglass air filters barely improve HVAC performance, let alone improve your air quality. If you’re looking to do that, upgrading to an air filter with a higher MERV rating is one way proven to be effective. Upgrading to a thicker air filter will also improve air quality provided you don’t go too thick.


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Indoor Air Quality Services in Cincinnati, OH

Focusing on Indoor Air Quality in Cincinnati, OH

What is Indoor Air Quality?

The EPA and other health officials define Indoor Air Quality as the quality of air inside a home or building, particularly as it relates to the comfort, health and well-being of the people inside.

By cutting down on or eliminating indoor pollutants that are airborne, you can reduce the risk of health problems significantly. The concern with a lot of indoor air pollution is that many of the health implications aren’t always obvious right after an exposure. Sometimes, it can take years before serious health issues are noticeable.
Knowing this, residents need to ask themselves: What kinds of hidden toxins are floating around in the air I breathe in my home?

How Important is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality is more of an issue than most people suspect. Promoting optimal air quality is essential for the health and overall wellness of everyone living in a dwelling.

We happen to spend most of our time — an estimated 90 percent of it —indoors, whether at home, in an office, or some restaurant, work building, factory, or warehouse. In many of these kinds of places, experts are finding smoke, aerosol, toxic gases, chemicals, and other types of pollution floating around. A lot of this stuff is known to cause allergies, headaches, fatigue, and other breathing problems, in addition to irritation of the eyes, throat, nose, and skin. On a more serious note, the more severe indoor pollutants can cause heart disease, cancer, respiratory problems, and other grave long-term health conditions.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Media Air Filters

One Inch Filters Work – Sort Of

Your typical 1″ filter that people are most familiar with only remove about 5-8% of the bad things flying around the air in your home. For the most part, this type of filter is only removing the larger dust particles in the air. A pleated version may filter a little more, but usually all they do is restrict air flow, which means your furnace works harder and costs more to operate. If your home has allergy sufferers, this filter is typically not for you. Plus, this filter really needs to be changed on a monthly basis, and with our busy schedules it usually gets forgotten.

Media Filters are More Efficient

There are also media filters available, which typically comes in 4″ or 5″ sizes, depending on the brand you choose. This filter has more surface area to capture particles, removing about 85% of what is in the air. This type of filter starts to take out mold spores and some bacteria to really help allergy sufferers breathe easier. This is also a filter that can be changed more infrequently – about 2-3 times per year.

Electronic Air Filters Work The Best

The best type of filter on the market is an electronic air filter. This type of filter uses electricity to draw and kill 99.9% of the particulate matter in your home. This filter is designed to get it all: mold, bacteria, allergens, pet dander, and even the flu virus. This is the filter you have if you are an allergy sufferer because it can make a huge difference in the air’s cleanliness. This type of filter also works well with homes that have small children. As we are painfully aware, kids in school tend to bring home every germ possible during the school year. This results in sick kids that spread throughout your home. An electronic air cleaner can help with this.

What is a MERV Rating?

The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value or MERV rating is the standard for ranking filters for air quality. The MERV rating is based on the effectiveness of the filter and how many particles are removed from the air. The higher the MERV rating, the smaller the particles filtered out of the air.

4 Benefits of Owning an Media Air Filter

Benefits of a media air filter may include:

More Effective

A Whole-House Media Air Cleaner traps and filters airborne particles and contaminants passing through the duct system insuring cleaner air and is up to 85% more efficient at removing airborne particles than a standard 1-inch furnace filter. Get the benefits of a whole-house solution for improving the air in your home!
*Based on initial efficiency testing of new filters tested at 3-10 micron particles at 492 feet per minute of airflow

Captures Invisible Particulates

As air flows through the cleaner, it traps tiny particles as small as 0.1 microns. To give you an idea of how tiny that is, consider the average thickness of a human hair is between 30 to 100 microns!

Neutralizes Unpleasant Odors

Some chemicals such as gasoline, benzene, and formaldehyde break down at room temperature, causing an off-gassing odor. These chemicals, called Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are commonly found in paints, aerosol sprays, upholstered furniture, or air fresheners. The odor from VOCs can cause nausea, breathlessness and even affect your cognitive functions.

Captures Pathogens

A media air cleaner captures up to 98 percent of airborne particles containing bacteria, mold spores, and viruses. These have the potential to cause dangerous and even deadly diseases in humans.

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