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Furnace Maintenance Services in Cincinnati, OH

Home heating systems are all-too-often the unsung hero of the home.When the weather outside is bone-chilling cold, they take care of us, night and day, without much attention or praise. So why not take care of them so they’ll last a long time and perform like they’re meant to? At Cincinnati Premier Heating & Cooling, we encourage homeowners to make their home heating equipment last. The vast majority of furnace breakdowns occurring during Ohio’s winters are because of problems that would have been caught during seasonal maintenance visits. Moreover, a lot of homeowners fail to realize they’re paying far too much to heat their homes due to inefficiencies that can be corrected with our standard furnace tune-up. What’s all this boil down to? Being proactive with your home heating system and having maintenance performed every year not only greatly decreases the probability of a breakdown during the truly cold months ahead, when a lot of HVAC companies are extremely busy, but it also lengthens the lifespan of your furnace, boosting its efficiency and performance while decreasing your monthly heating bills and all the while keeping you and your loved ones safer.
Furnace Maintenance in Cincinnati, OH
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4 Benefits of Heating System Maintenance

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of a homeowner utilizing seasonal maintenance for their furnace. Below is a list of a few of the highlighted benefits. These are things you should take into consideration to properly take care of your HVAC equipment.

Safety Concerns

Furnaces or heat systems that utilize natural gas are far more unpredictable and dangerous when they aren’t being inspected and serviced on a regular basis. During a furnace maintenance inspection, our technicians will check your gas line and heat exchanger to see if there’s any sort of carbon monoxide leakage. If you have an electric furnace, be mindful, the wiring can often be a safety issue. Old or faulty wiring can cause electrical fires and other problems.

Extended Lifespan

The best way to guarantee a furnace stays useful for as long as possible is via standard seasonal maintenance. Without proper maintenance, furnaces last half as long as they should according to furnace manufacturers. So that’s another thing to keep in mind: Install a whole new system sooner than is necessary costs far more than any maintenance visit you will ever have to make.

Prevent Breakdowns

An estimated 85 percent of the repairs done on furnace breakdowns can be linked to inadequate maintenance. This is why having maintenance done on schedule prevents the vast majority of the repairs a homeowner will otherwise have to deal with.

Keeping Your Warranty Valid

Anytime a customer has a new unit installed, the furnace’s manufacturers will require them to have maintenance performed every year by a NATE-certified heating technician to keep their warranty valid. If the homeowner fails to have this done (even if they merely forget one time), the warranty becomes worthless. If the warranty is worthless and something went wrong, the customer is stuck paying for the repairs or replacements with their own money. We say play it smart: Standard maintenance keeps the home heating system protected from some potential manufacturing flaws.

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HVAC Maintenance in Cincinnati, OH

Never Miss Another Maintenance Appointment

Because we recognize the value of preventative maintenance and want to honor those homeowners who utilize it consistently, we have programs available to help our valued customers save money. 

During a service call, our friendly and highly-skilled NATE-certified furnace technicians examine your heating equipment from top to bottom, part by part, investigating every single component searching for anything that might be amiss, especially checking for things that could evolve into bigger problems when the system is needed most. Ultimately, this saves homeowners time, money, and needless headaches!

Lastly, we review what we’ve done and discuss any issues we found with you, providing you a detailed written quote on any repair recommendations.

To give you a better idea of some of the kinds of things we do during a heating system maintenance call, we present the following list:


  • Cleaning fan’s blower motor on the indoor unit
  • Confirm proper and adequate ventilation
  • Checking for code violations and safety risks
  • Testing for carbon monoxide and gas leaks
  • Clean and adjust ignition/pilot assembly
  • Checking function and setting on indoor unit fan motor
  • Examining, tightening and adjusting electrical fittings
  • Cleaning and adjusting main gas burners on furnace
  • Calibrating the system’s controls to ensure maximum efficiency
  • and more!
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Providing the Heat for Cincinnati Homeowners

If it has anything to do with Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, we can work with it. Our team of NATE-certified technicians here at Cincinnati Premier Heating & Cooling work on all types of furnaces and heating equipment, as well as any parts connected or used in conjunction with any HVAC system. This includes electric furnaces and heaters, gas furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers, ductless mini-split and zoned systems, and all other types of heating system products.

We arrive at your home in one of our fully stocked state-of-the-art service vehicles equipped with all the latest in HVAC technology. Anytime we service a system, we inspect for parts that might be going bad and if we identify anything that might become an issue, we discuss it with you and pending your approval we can resolve the issue the same day, on the spot.

We come prepared to repair or replace anything that could possibly surface, including pilot lights, ignitors, fuses, breakers, heat exchangers, burners, heat strips, switches, blowers, valves, air filters, control boards and much more. If need be, we can install a quick thermostat upgrade; we exchange rusted out drain pans; we can fix loose or damaged air ductwork; and we remove damaging debris, and clean out dirt and dust. If a customer recently put an addition onto their home or renovated their home, we can expand current air duct systems to provide heat to the new addition or renovation. No matter what sort of problem a homeowner faces with their home heating system, or HVAC system, and regardless of what kind of heating system, we are more than happy to offer our help!