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Since the oil crisis of the 1970s, heat pumps have revolutionized the HVAC industry, rising in popularity rapidly because of the savings they offer and their low carbon emissions, among other things. Prior to this, most homes had two separate systems for climate control. They have an air conditioning unit for the summertime and a furnace for the wintertime. In addition to that, there is another option available that combines air conditioning and heating and can be used year-round.

Heat pumps are popular centralized, forced-air systems that work as both a heater and an A/C. As a third option, heat pumps have significant benefits for homeowners looking for a different form of climate control that is efficient. In general, heat pumps are ideal for older homes, houses without ductwork, and homes with high energy bills. Our install technicians at Cincinnati Premier Heating & Cooling would be happy to set you up with a brand new heat pump!


A Homeowners Guide to Heat Pump Services

When you trust Cincinnati Premier Heating & Cooling technicians with your heat pump, you provide your home’s most valuable equipment with the most quality level of care it needs for ongoing performance and energy efficiency. Since we care about your comfort, we list below a few important things to know as a homeowner with a heat pump system:

Understanding the Numbers

Because heat pumps provide both heating and air conditioning, they are rated in two ways. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) measures the efficiency of the cooling system. The higher the number, the more efficient the system. Federal regulations call for SEERs of 13 or 14, depending on where you live, but heat pumps with a much higher rating are available. The seasonal heating performance factor (HSPF) measures the heating efficiency of heat pumps. The minimum is 7.7. Call Cincinnati Premier with any questions you have about system efficiency – we are experts in this!

Is a Heat Pump Right for You?

Until recently, heat pumps were confined to warm-weather states that do not experience prolonged bouts of cold weather, because heat pumps become less efficient as the outdoor temperature drops. However, recent advances in technology that include two-speed compressors and new coil designs make some models suitable for cold-weather climates. Luckily, Cincinnati is known for unpredictable weather, so the convenience of a dual-system pump could be ideal for an Ohio home.

Keep an Eye Out for Leaks

All HVAC connectors and drain lines have the ability to develop leaks. These leaks force your system to run harder than it should and could ultimately lead to you having to replace one or more components. Keep an eye out for leaks from refrigerant lines (more on those under monthly HVAC maintenance tasks), as well as leaks from the AC condensate line and heat exchanger.

Get an Estimate from an HVAC Expert

HVAC systems are part of a house’s energy package that includes heating and cooling equipment and everything that affects energy usage, including insulation levels in walls, ceilings, and floors, the types of windows, and the habits of the people who live in the house. A professional energy audit can pinpoint areas where the house and its systems are wasting energy.

Requesting an estimate from a professional HVAC contractor can save you time, money, and stress. Don’t think an HVAC job is simple enough to do it yourself. Reach out to Cincinnati Premier Heating & Cooling for a free Instant Online Estimate! We’re here to help.

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Heat Pump Services in Cincinnati, OH
HVAC Repair in Cincinnati, OH

We Can Repair Your Heat Pump!

Are you sweating Southwestern Ohio’s humid summer heat? Freezing in the cold midwestern winter? If your heat pump is on the fritz, you can rest assured by one thing: you’re in the right place! We’re here to help you through this process and get your heat pump back to pumping out the air you need in no time without it costing you an arm and a leg. We can repair your heat pump, no matter the age, make or model! Schedule repair services online now!

Heat Pump Maintenance in Cincinnati, OH
HVAC Maintenance in Cincinnati, OH

Heat Pump Maintenance for Cincinnati Homeowners

Since your heat pump works to both heat and cool your home, it’s vital to keep this unit in its best-performing shape all year round. To ensure your only means for heating and cooling your home can perform at its best to keep your family comfortable all winter, we highly recommend scheduling heat pump system maintenance each year. 

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