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Air Conditioner Maintenance Services in Cincinnati, OH

Taking advantage of the many benefits of our cost-effective seasonal AC maintenance service is a great way to avoid the need for emergency A/C repairs. Our AC technicians are trained to find things that crop up as problems during the hot months. Moreover, they check your AC refrigerant levels and lines, your belts and controls, your electrical wiring and terminals. When performing maintenance, we make sure we check AC fan motors, drainage lines, air filters, connectors, and much more. Furthermore, our technicians replace any damaged or broken parts they find during their analysis, pending your approval, at rates you won’t find anywhere else. Preventative AC maintenance enables us to identify seemingly minor concerns before they escalate into major AC problems that usually cause breakdowns.

A/C Maintenance in Cincinnati, OH
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4 A/C Maintenance Tips

As part of maintenance, our service technicians at Cincinnati Premier Heating & Cooling carefully analyze HVAC equipment to see if there are any problems. In addition to the more skilled things our technicians do, the following are a few Do-It-Yourself maintenance tips homeowners are encouraged to consider doing themselves:

Seal Your Thermostat

Inspect your thermostat’s wire-entry-point to make sure there isn’t a gap there letting air in. If there is a gap allowing air through, use caulking to keep the air drifting in and out from interfering with the device’s ability to provide an accurate reading.

Check Your Air Ducts

Open up air registers and check inside them to see if your air ducts are dirty. Because air ducts tend to be the source of dirt and dust buildup during the off-season, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s not out of hand. If you discover it is dirty inside, you can use a vacuum cleaner (one with a HEPA filter would be best) to clean it out.

If it’s too much or too far to reach, check with us about our system-wide air duct cleaning service, which has limited availability.

Clean the Area

Remove plantlife, weeds, yard debris, and other foliage from your outdoor intake and exhaust vents to make sure nothing is hindering the airflow. As a general rule of thumb for anything located near this area around an outdoor unit, we suggest always keeping a three-foot radius of open space. 

Utiliize A/C Covers

When wintertime is approaching and you’re done using your A/C, cover it to protect its coils from falling ice and other extreme weather while you aren’t using it. This cover need not cost much, and should not be airtight, so using a tarp is out of the question. However, trash can cover or a small sheet of plywood secured by bungee cords is ideal.

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HVAC Maintenance in Cincinnati, OH

We Can Repair Your Cooling System!

Because we recognize the value of preventative maintenance and want to honor those homeowners who utilize it consistently, we have programs available to help our valued customers save money. 

During a service call, our friendly and highly-skilled NATE-certified furnace technicians examine your heating equipment from top to bottom, part by part, investigating every single component searching for anything that might be amiss, especially checking for things that could evolve into bigger problems when the system is needed most. Ultimately, this saves homeowners time, money, and needless headaches!

Lastly, we review what we’ve done and discuss any issues we found with you, providing you a detailed written quote on any repair recommendations.

To give you a better idea of some of the kinds of things we do during a heating system maintenance call, we present the following list:

  • Cleaning fan’s blower motor on the indoor unit
  • Confirm proper and adequate ventilation
  • Checking for code violations and safety risks
  • Testing for carbon monoxide and gas leaks
  • Clean and adjust ignition/pilot assembly
  • Checking function and setting on indoor unit fan motor
  • Examining, tightening and adjusting electrical fittings
  • Cleaning and adjusting main gas burners on furnace
  • Calibrating the system’s controls to ensure maximum efficiency
    and more!
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Providing Comfort Solutions in Cincinnati, OH

When you call on Cincinnati Premier Heating & Cooling for any sort of work on your air conditioner, you can be assured we come fully prepared to handle anything we might encounter.

Anytime one of our A/C service vehicles pulls up into a customer’s driveway, our NATE-certified technicians come equipped, ready to repair almost any air conditioning problems possible on the spot, the same day. This is because HVAC isn’t merely our business, it’s our lives. We take pride in our work and care about our customers and our service vehicles are always fully furnished with the latest tools and technology, the most advanced diagnostic equipment, and the best parts the HVAC industry has to offer. These state-of-the-art vans are restocked every night to ensure they are ready to resolve whatever AC problem we might encounter in a Central Ohio area home.

We come prepared to repair or replace anything that could possibly surface, including pilot lights, ignitors, fuses, breakers, heat exchangers, burners, heat strips, switches, blowers, valves, air filters, control boards, and much more. If need be, we can install a quick thermostat upgrade; we exchange rusted-out drain pans; we can fix loose or damaged air ductwork, and we remove damaging debris and clean out dirt and dust. If a customer recently put an addition onto their home or renovated their home, we can expand current air duct systems to provide cool air to the new addition or renovation. No matter what sort of problem a homeowner faces with their home cooling system, or HVAC system, and regardless of what kind of heating system, we are more than happy to offer our help!