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We at Cincinnati Premier Heating & Cooling, are a locally-owned family company built on giving homeowners the most value possible in superior products and services. We leverage the highest quality of services and the most superior products in the market at the most competitive prices in the Miami Valley Ohio Area, which is why we’ve earned such exceptional customer ratings across the board. Not many HVAC companies can do what we do, let alone do it for the low price rates we can offer because of our long-standing ties in this industry.

So if you’re looking for a superior, trustworthy and affordable AC company to replace your AC system, you need to look no further. To hear about our wide selection of HVAC services and superior top-notch products, call (513) 216-5712 today to schedule an appointment, or simply click here to start the process now online!

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It’s crucial for any homeowner to know when to update their cooling system or air conditioner. Air conditioners normally last 10 to 15 years, while furnaces typically last 15 to 20 years, depending on a variety of circumstances. The durability of your HVAC system is largely dependent on good installation and routine seasonal maintenance.

It’s prudent to presume that your system didn’t receive regular maintenance from the prior owner if you need clarification on the matter. Because of insufficient experience, do-it-yourself maintenance frequently results in omitted tasks or subpar servicing. Inadequate installation can also affect the overall functionality of the equipment. Obtain an Online Estimate Right Now!


Repairing vs. Replacing Your Air Conditioner

“Should I have my air conditioner repaired, or replace it with a new system?” If you find yourself asking this age-old question, we offer the following three points to consider:

System Efficiency

Modern-day air conditioners are required to have SEER ratings of at least 13. If your air conditioner’s SEER rating is under 13, cut back on your energy costs with air conditioner replacement. It can be very expensive to run an AC unit with a low SEER rating. Since units lose efficiency as time goes on, the SEER rating marked on your air conditioner may not be accurate anymore – your older air conditioner could be costing you more than may realize.

Frequent Need for Repair

More system breakdowns occur toward the end of an A/C’s lifespan. If you’ve had to call for service and pay for repairs over the previous few cooling seasons, this is a big warning sign that your air conditioner or heat pump may give out soon. Call Cincinnati Premier for a Diagnostic Service Call to get you in the right direction.

Old Age

Once an AC unit hits about 15 years,  it typically struggles to run efficiently and productively. Even a properly maintained unit throughout its lifetime will reach a point where the cost of repairs and wasted energy will be more than the cost of a new unit. It’s time to replace your older unit with a new energy-efficient air conditioner when it’s overworking, needs too many repairs, or can no longer keep your house cool.

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Don't Sweat It, We Can Replace Your A/C

Because HVAC systems lose so much efficiency as they age, a lot of our customers are shocked by how much money they can save in energy costs by upgrading to newer comfort equipment when the time is right. In fact, sometimes replacing an out-dated air conditioner with a newer unit that has a higher efficiency rating cuts home cooling costs in half. When this is the case, the new A/C equipment pays for itself over a short period of time. In the meantime, while the high-efficiency system does start paying for itself, the homeowner gets to enjoy the many perks of superior temperature control, superior comfort, and a much “cooler” and smoother running system.

Anytime we at Cincinnati Premier Heating & Cooling do a new A/C system installation, we are mindful to guarantee our customer’s new unit has the correct S.E.E.R. rating and output to ensure it’s the perfect fit for their dwelling’s exact size. We go to great lengths to ensure our customers never again have to pay for energy inefficiencies.

Although air conditioning equipment extracts a lot of humidity from the air in our homes during the summer, for some people this is not enough. For those individuals who need their humidity lowered beyond their A/C’s capacity, which often includes people affected by asthma problems or allergies, having a whole-home dehumidifier installed is very helpful. Dehumidifiers also improve indoor comfort and air quality while, at the same time, helping the central A/C. Ultimately, if indoor air quality is a big concern, we also have a wide selection of whole-home air purifiers and other Indoor Air Quality products at low prices.

For Southwestern Ohio area customers who don’t already have an air duct system in their home, ductless air conditioning systems are great options. However, if you are looking to get any other type of central air conditioning system and it is going to require ductwork, we would be happy to install a new air duct system at a reasonable or competitive price. We make the entire process easy and it takes little time. This enables our customers to get the other types of systems they might want.

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Providing Cool Air in Cincinnati, OH

When you call on Cincinnati Premier Heating & Cooling for any sort of work on your air conditioner, you can be assured we come fully prepared to handle anything we might encounter.

Anytime one of our A/C service vehicles pulls up into a customer’s driveway, our NATE-certified technicians come equipped, ready to repair almost any air conditioning problems possible on the spot, the same day. This is because HVAC isn’t merely our business, it’s our lives. We take pride in our work and care about our customers and our service vehicles are always fully furnished with the latest tools and technology, the most advanced diagnostic equipment, and the best parts the HVAC industry has to offer. These state-of-the-art vans are restocked every night to ensure they are ready to resolve whatever AC problem we might encounter in a Southwestern Ohio area home.

We come prepared to repair or replace anything that could possibly surface, including pilot lights, ignitors, fuses, breakers, heat exchangers, burners, heat strips, switches, blowers, valves, air filters, control boards, and much more. If need be, we can install a quick thermostat upgrade; we exchange rusted-out drain pans; we can fix loose or damaged air ductwork, and we remove damaging debris and clean out dirt and dust. If a customer recently put an addition onto their home or renovated their home, we can expand current air duct systems to provide cool air to the new addition or renovation. No matter what sort of problem a homeowner faces with their home cooling system, or HVAC system, and regardless of what kind of heating system, we are more than happy to offer our help!